Roxanne Lofredi, MD

Hagai Bergman, MD, PhD

Roxanne Lofredi / Hagai Bergman

For our January session, we hosted Roxanne Lofredi and Hagai Bergman on Wednesday.

Roxanne Lofredi, MD, is a research fellow in the Movement Disorders and Neuromodulation Unit at Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin. She told us about “Oscillatory signatures of motor symptoms across movement disorders”.

Hagai Bergman, MD, PhD, is a Professor of Physiology in the Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Research and Faculty of Medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and is Simone and Bernard Guttman Chair in Brain Research. Beside his scientific presentation on “Beta oscillations in the basal ganglia: Past, Present and Future”, he gave us a glimpse at the “Person behind the science”.

Watch the recording if you missed it!