Alexandre Boutet, MD, PhD

Erik H. Middlebrooks, MD

Alexandre Boutet / Erik H. Middlebrooks

On Wednesday, November 30th, at noon ET / 6PM CET, we hosted Alexandre Boutet and Erik H. Middlebrooks.

Alexandre Boutet, MD, PhD, is a neuroradiology fellow at the University of Toronto, and told us about “How to become an integral part of the functional neurosurgery team as a radiologist”.

Erik H. Middlebrooks, MD, is a Professor and Consultant of Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery and the Neuroradiology Program Director at Mayo Clinic. Beside his scientific presentation about “Bridging the Gap from Research to Clinical Decision Making in Epilepsy Neuromodulation”, he also gave us a glimpse at the “Person behind the science”.

Watch the recording if you missed it!