Stimulating Brains X Brain City Berlin

Next talk: Tim West & David Haslacher

Friday, September 15th, 6 PM Berlin time

Science apéro with appetizers & beverages: from 5:15 PM Berlin time (Berlin on-site)

This event will be hosted on-site in Berlin: Lecture Hall of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (Haus 6, Philippstraße 13, 10117 Berlin)

Our Concept

In recent years, the “connectomic revolution” has motivated a growing interest in network mechanisms and targets of both invasive and non-invasive brain stimulation therapies. As inspired by our virtual talk series, this Berlin-based, in-person spin-off will center around a dual focus on advances in neuromodulation and connectomics. 

Each session of the series features an international headline speaker paired with a more junior speaker from Berlin. There will be a joint discussion after the two talks and besides the science, the headline speaker will share exciting insights on “the person behind the science”. The aim is to make sessions instructive not only about network neuromodulation, but also about careers, milestones, sources of inspiration, etc. 

Up for a sciency apéro with appetizers and beverages prior to the talks, all on us? Then join us early for a chance to meet the speakers! We hope to create a positive networking environment – that beyond the “what” advocates toward an improved “how” – and foster a close-knit community for future international collaborations.

  • Meet & Greet with the Scientists

    Mingle with the scientists prior to the talks – appetizers & beverages all on us! (30 min)

  • Opener

    Scientific presentation (15min)

  • Headliner

    Person behind the science (10min)

    Scientific presentation (20min)

  • General discussion

    Questions from the audience (15min to 45min)


All talks of this series will take place in the Lecture Hall of the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (Haus 6, Philippstraße 13, 10117 Berlin). Head to the seminar room for meet & greet with the scientists in the form or a science apéro with appetizers and beverages prior to the talks.

Entry is free & all are welcome!

Gaining ECTS Credits

MedNeuro and BCCN students receive 0.1 ECTS per session for full attendance.

Our Funding Body

This talk series is kindly funded by the Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin and the Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure. The effort is fully student and postdoc organized by members of different Berlin laboratories working at the interface of brain stimulation, connectomics, and brain disorders.

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#5 – Tim West & David Haslacher– 09/15/2023

#1 – Colin McNamara & Timon Merk – 06/01/2023