Francisca Ferreira

Birte Forstmann, PhD

Francisca Ferreira / Birte Forstmann

We are very much looking forward to host Francisca Ferreira and Birte Forstmann. Update: The talks were postponed due to unforeseen circumstances (date TBD) 

Francisca Ferreira is a PhD student and Neurosurgery trainee at the University College of London Queen Square Institute of Neurology and a Royal College of Surgeons “Emerging Leaders” program laureate. Her presentation title will be: “Microstructural and connectivity correlates of outcome variability in functional neurosurgery for movement disorders”.

Birte Forstmann, PhD, is the Director of the Amsterdam Brain and Cognition Center, a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam, and a Professor by Special Appointment of Neuroscientific Testing of Psychological Models at the University of Leiden. Besides her scientific presentation (“Imaging the human subcortex”), she will give us a glimpse at the “Person behind the science”. 

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