#7: Patricia Limousin – Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation: From Parkinson’s Disease to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

In this episode, we talk with Patricia Limousin about the early days of DBS in the modern era to the current day and about what the future may hold. Building up on episode #4 with Pierre Pollak, we find out how Patricia experienced programming the first bilateral STN-DBS patient, and what has changed over the last 30 years. Professor Limousin has worked at the UCL Institute of Neurology and the National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery since 1997, where she is currently a Professor of Clinical Neurology and Consultant Neurologist. We follow her journey from a PhD with the topic of subthalamic nucleus DBS in Grenoble/Lyon to her move to London, where she helped build one of the leading DBS centers, worldwide.

Colleagues mentioned in the episode include

  • Pierre Pollak (Neurologist in Grenoble / Bern) – see episode #4 with Pierre
  • Alim Louis Benabid (Neurosurgeon in Grenoble)
  • Paul Krack (Neurologist in Grenoble / Geneva)
  • Marwan Hariz (Neurosurgeon in Umeå, Sweden) – see episode #3 with Marwan
  • Michael Okun (Neurologist in Gainesville)
  • Sergiu Groppa (Neurologist in Mainz)
  • Patric Blomstedt (Neurosurgeon in Umeå)
  • Christian Moll (Neurologist / Neurophysiologist in Hamburg) – see episode #1 with Christian
  • Damiaan Denys (Psychiatrist in Amsterdam)
  • Wolf-Julian Neumann (Neuroradiologist in Berlin)
  • Hagai Bergman (Neurophysiologist in Jerusalem)
  • Tipu Aziz (Neurosurgeon in Oxford)
  • Steven Gill (Neurosurgeon in London)
  • John Rothwell (Neurophysiologist in London)
  • David Marsden (Neurologist in London)
  • David Thomas (Neurosurgeon in London)
  • Ludvic Zrinzo (Neurosurgeon in London)
  • Tom Foltynie (Neurologist in London)
  • Vladimir Litvak (Neuroscientist in London)