Dora Miller and Kai Hermes are Associate Professors in Biomedical Engineering and Neurosurgery, respectively, at Mayo Clinic Rochester

Kai with the kids

#49: Dora Hermes & Kai Miller – Discovering the secrets of the brain by invasive stimulation & signal recording

Dora Hermes and Kai Miller are associate professors at Mayo Clinic, where they have become a powerhouse on neuroscience, due to their strong collaboration and work in neural signal processing and analysis. Dora has a mathematics background, while Kai studied physics, including a PhD in physics, before becoming a functional neurosurgeon. Last year, both of them last authored a paper each at Nature Neuroscience, each with remarkable and groundbreaking findings about pretty different topics. The first paper dove into the organization of the primary motor cortex using invasive electrophysiological recordings in humans. The second measured conduction delays along fiber tracts in the developing brain.
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