Marie Krüger is a functional neurosurgeon at St. Gallen, on her way to join the team in London

#28: Marie Krüger – Segmented Contacts & DBS for Dental Pain

It was my great pleasure to talk with Marie Krüger, who is currently leading the stereotactic surgery unit in St. Gallen but is on her move to join the team at UCL / Queensquare London. Marie trained in Freiburg, Germany, with Volker Coenen and Peter Reinacher, where she ran multiple studies about segmented electrodes and how to localize their directionality. After that, she carried out a fellowship with Chris Honey in Vancouver, where she developed a protocol of DBS for dental pain and was involved in studies about DBS for spasmodic dysphonia. Her concept of treating dental pain was creative: Since it was not exactly known, which nucleus would result in the best benefit, she implanted segmented leads into the triangle border between three adjacent thalamic nuclei. That way, she could probe exactly which one would deliver best therapeutic benefit. In London, she will work on establishing the new MRgFUS device to treat patients without the need for incisions or anaesthesia.