#14: Benjamin Stecher & Alberto Espay – Challenging “brain fables” about neurodegenerative diseases

You have met Ben Stecher in episode #12 already – today we follow up on his very own account of deep brain stimulation after Ben has now lived with DBS to his subthalamic nucleus for 3 month. Ben is joined by Alberto Espay, who is a world-renowned expert on Parkinson’s Disease from UC health in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Together, Alberto and Ben wrote “Brain Fables”, a book with the aim to debunk some of the common (mis)conceptions in the field of neurodegenerative diseases. The book recently won the prose award by the Association of American Publishers in the category Neuroscience and is truly unique in its way to combine both the views of patient and health professional on the matter.

We also touch upon a recent debate at the 2021 International Movement Disorders Congress (MDS) between Alberto Espay and Patrick Brundin, about the question whether clearing α-synuclein enough to treat Parkinson’s disease.

Alberto and Ben take us on a fascinating journey to think outside of the box, to question and challenge currently accepted views about the etiology of Parkinson’s Disease and about their vision of how to conquer neurodegenerative diseases.

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