Hayriye Cagnan, PhD

Philip A. Starr, MD, PhD

Hayriye Cagnan / Philip A. Starr

On Thursday, April 27th, we hosted Hayriye Cagnan and Philip A. Starr. 

Hayriye Cagnan, PhD, is an associate professor at the MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit and University of Oxford. She told us about “Therapies orchestrated by patients’ own rhythms”. 

Philip A. Starr, MD, PhD, is a neurosurgeon and professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of California San Francisco. Besides his scientific presentation on “My evolution in invasive human neurophysiology: from basal ganglia single units to chronic electrocorticography”, he gave us a glimpse at the person behind the science.

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Watch the recording if you missed it!