#3: Marwan Hariz – a strong role for imaging and being critical in the field of DBS

In this episode, Marwan Hariz shares insight about why imaging is both the past and the future for deep brain stimulation, how its role of being the “court jester” or “stereotaxy police” emerged and why critical discussions are important for our field.

References we talked about in the episode

Transforming a chronic disease to a disease of emergency medicine

Cg25 lesion in the Laitinen time

Impulse generator battery discussion

Earlystim discussion

Ethical considerations & Pearls in the Literature

Colleagues mentioned in the episode include

  • Lauri Laitinen (Marwan’s mentor, Neurosurgeon in Umeå)
  • Patric Blomstedt (Neurosurgeon in Umeå)
  • Alim-Louis Benabid (Neurosurgeon in Grenoble)
  • Pierre Pollak (Neurologist in Grenoble)
  • Patricia Limousin (Neurologist in London)
  • Günther Deuschl (Neurologist in Kiel)
  • Andres Lozano (Neurosurgeon in Toronto)
  • Helen Mayberg (Neurologist in NYC)
  • Paul Krack (Neurologist in Bern)
  • Hans Speelman (Neurologist in Amsterdam)
  • Jan van Manen (Neurologist in Groningen)
  • Rick Schuurman (Neurosurgeon in Amsterdam)
  • Mahlon DeLong (Neurologist in Atlanta)
  • Ernest A. Spiegel (Neurologist in Philadelphia)
  • Henry T. Wycis (Neurosurgeon in Philadelphia)
  • Jerrold Vitek (Neurosurgeon in Minneapolis)
  • Donatus Cyron (Neurosurgeon in Karlsruhe)
  • José Obeso (Neurologist in Pamplona)
  • Kenichiro Sugita (Neurosurgeon in Matsumoto)
  • Denise Albe-Fessard (Electrohysiologist in Paris)
  • Gerard Guiot (Neurosurgeon in Paris)
  • Ludvic Zrinzo (Neurosurgeon in London)
  • Harith Akram (Neurosurgeon in London)