Ghazaleh Soleimani, PhD

Colleen Hanlon, PhD

Ghazaleh Soleimani / Colleen Hanlon

In March we will focus on TMS and host Ghazaleh Soleimani and Colleen Hanlon. The talks will talk place on Thursday, March 28th at noon ET – please be aware that this means 5PM CET since Boston already switched to summer time! 

Ghazaleh Soleimani, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr Hamed Ekhtiari’s lab at the University of Minnesota. She is also the executive director of the International Network of tES/TMS for Addiction Medicine (INTAM). She will discuss “Adapting to diversity: Integrating variability in brain structure and function into personalized / closed-loop non-invasive brain stimulation for substance use disorders”.

Colleen Hanlon, PhD, currently serves as a Vice President of Medical Affairs for BrainsWay, a company specializing in medical devices for mental health, including TMS. Colleen previously worked at the Medical University of South Carolina and Wake Forest School of Medicine. She received the International Brain Stimulation Early Career Award in 2023. She will discuss “Currents of Hope:  how noninvasive brain stimulation is reshaping modern psychiatric care”. As always, we will also get a glimpse at the “Person behind the science”.

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Watch the recording if you missed it!

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