Dr. Béchir Jarraya (MD-PhD) is a neurosurgeaon and a professor of therapeutics (PU-PH) at the medical school of UVSQ (Université Paris-Saclay, France) and a principal investigator at NeuroSpin neuroimaging center.
Dr. Jordy Tasserie is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur expert in DBS and MRI. His studies combine both disciplines to develop new biomarkers of optimal neuro-stimulation to treat chronic neurological diseases.

#36: Béchir Jarraya & Jordy Tasserie – Unlocking Consciousness: Neuromodulation, Neurofeedback, and the Future of Brain Science

In this episode, we delve into the groundbreaking work of the Neuromodulation Lab at the NeuroSpin center, led by Dr. Béchir Jarraya. The lab’s mission is to evaluate brain modulation using pharmacological agents and electrical neurostimulation. Combining functional MRI with new neuromodulation techniques, they train awake macaques, with a unique mock-MRI process, to study consciousness-related domains. Their activities encompass MRI, electrophysiology, and 3-photon imaging to unlock the mysteries of consciousness.

Join us as we explore the lab’s recent study published in Science Advances, spearheaded by Dr. Jordy Tasserie, which sheds light on the potential use of DBS for consciousness disorders like unresponsive wakefulness syndrome and minimally conscious states. We also explore the value of DBS in epilepsy and other indications, discussing potential targets for treatment.

Discover how neurofeedback for DBS is teaching self-control of brain functions to patients implanted with DBS, and its potential for closed-loop stimulation. Moreover, learn about the transformative Iseult, an 11.72T MRI at NeuroSpin, and the novel discoveries and biomarker applications it promises for neurological diseases.

As the discussion progresses, we gain insight into the co-invention of a gene therapy for Parkinson’s disease, and explore the future of gene/cell therapy in comparison to electrical stimulation stemming from Dr. Jarraya’s interest and expertise.

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Central to our discussion is the attached paper on thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation and its implications for consciousness: