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#14: Benjamin Stecher & Alberto Espay – Challenging “brain fables” about neurodegenerative diseases

October 23, 2021/by andreashorn

#13: Mark Humphries – Basal Ganglia Models, Highs and Lows in the Brain and… how does DBS work?

July 25, 2021/by andreashorn

#12: Benjamin Stecher – A personal account of Parkinson’s and Deep Brain Stimulation

June 14, 2021/by andreashorn

#11: Katrin Amunts – A modern take on human brain anatomy and its relevance to DBS

April 28, 2021/by andreashorn

#10: Cameron McIntyre – Pushing the frontier of biophysically plausible DBS models

February 28, 2021/by andreashorn

#9: Mac Shine – A thalamus-centric view of basal ganglia, cerebellar and cortical interactions

December 22, 2020/by andreashorn

#8: Mojgan Hodaie – Connectivity aided targeting in neuromodulation for neuropathic pain

December 4, 2020/by andreashorn

#7: Patricia Limousin – Subthalamic Nucleus Stimulation: From Parkinson’s Disease to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

November 21, 2020/by andreashorn

#6: Lone Frank – Robert Heath, the forgotten inventor of Deep Brain Stimulation

September 20, 2020/by andreashorn

#5: Günther Deuschl – On the importance of transforming Deep Brain Stimulation to evidence based medicine

August 22, 2020/by andreashorn

#4: Pierre Pollak – How modern-day Deep Brain Stimulation for movement disorders was introduced in Grenoble

July 5, 2020/by andreashorn

#3: Marwan Hariz – a strong role for imaging and being critical in the field of DBS

June 14, 2020/by andreashorn


The podcast and talk series have their home at the Network Stimulation Laboratory in Boston & Berlin

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Our big rolemodel is the Brain Inspired podcast by Paul Middlebrooks – as one can easily hear in how our intro is set up. If you like neuroscience podcasts that go a bit more in-depth, please definitely check out Brain Inspired.

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